Concave Communications Group (Concave) comprises of Concave Communications International (CCi) based in Dubai, Concave Communications Networks (Nigeria), SC ConnectHouse (Nigeria), and Peoples' Networks Limited (Nigeria). Concave offers numerous services in Nigeria, Africa's largest and fastest growing telecom market. The group of companies has presence in several countries worldwide and maintains strategic alliances and partnerships with global leaders in the voice and data world market to deliver turnkey voice and internet solutions.

We maintain a voice/data network that has become a most reliable channel of delivering voice traffic across the globe and this allows us to offer VoIP based services for residences and businesses as well as telecommunication carriers sending long distance traffic over our networks. Our network in Nigeria links all existing telecom operators delivering voice, messaging and data services to the Nigerian market. In addition to being a shareholding partner, the Company has been the technical manager (with sole responsibility for technical operations) of the following Nigerian Telecom companies licensed by Nigerian communications Commission to operate in Nigeria:

  1. Odu'a Telecoms Limited (O'Net)
    O'Net was incorporated in 2002 as Odu'a Telecoms Limited, (ODU'ATEL). The company which was later branded as O'Net is licensed to deliver fixed wireless operation on 3.5 GHz and 800 MHz frequencies deploying CDMA Fixed and Mobile Telephony and Internet as well as Broadband Internet services.

    O'Net maintains an STM-1 microwave backbone that runs from Otta in Ogun State to Ondo, Ondo State linking all the state capitals in the South West together. More information

  2. GiCell Wireless Limited – a company licensed to deliver the following services in Nigeria:
    • National Rural Telephony Programme (NRTP)
    • World Bank subsidised Unified Access
    • Universal Access comprising:
      • Digital Mobile Service
      • Private Network Links (PNL)/Fixed Telephony
      • CDMA fixed and Mobile
      • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
      • National Long Distance Operator (NLDO) and
      • International Data Access Gateway Operator (IDA)
  3. Solid Interconnectivity Services Limited – A Licensee of Interconnect Clearing House providing interconnectivity services to all Nigerian telecom operators