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IP Telephony

Voice, video and data services are solutions that businesses depend on.

Converged data and voice networks can lower an enterprise’s total cost of ownership by eliminating redundant infrastructure, simplifying administration and maintenance, and consolidating IT staff. This is especially true if an enterprise runs three networks—one for voice, one for teleconferencing, and one for data—as many companies still do.

Concave Networks IP telephony solutions can consolidate all three networks. IP telephony also offers lower application-hosting costs, integration between data and voice applications such as e-mail and voice mail, and employee flexibility with ease of mobility and remote connectivity.

As a leader in voice and data communications, Concave Networks is the ideal systems integrator – bridging the traditional switched telephone world with the power of IP.  

Our IP Telephony solutions support several business-enhancing applications thereby improving business performance and demonstrates business value.

Our switching center is located on the 11th Floor - 60 Hudson Street New York, where we are part of a switching infrastructure that interconnects with more than 250 carrier networks, serving over 110 countries - all powered by Nortel DMS switches in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami with full SS7/C7 capacity.

This location is ideally sited to take advantage of new cable and satellite facilities linking Europe, the Middle East and African nations with the U.S. and through the U.S. to the rest of the world.