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Concave Networks is a world leader in broadband satellite and wireless networking solutions. Our solutions support:

Broadcast video communications.

Two-way data, voice and multimedia.

Telephony systems.

Concave Networks is involved in offering satellite solutions for urban and rural applications, both in Africa, Europe and North America. Our satellite solutions support fully integrated wide area networking and the high-speed delivery of content rich information to support applications such as:

High speed Internet access/broadband Intranet.

Corporate video broadcasting and communications.

Video advertising/point-of-sale TV & Audio broadcasting.

IP multicast & Data distribution.

Our wireless solutions combine the mobility and flexibility users want from a wireless LAN product with the throughput and security users demand from a business LAN.

Advantages of this technology include:


The Satellite benefit:

Satellite transmission is insensitive to distance, terrain, and numbers of geographically dispersed locations, the technology also supports cost-effective telephony solutions, making it an exceptional fit for rural, remote sites. 


The Wireless benefit:

The evolution to 3G wireless brings customers integrated wireless, optical, and Internet technologies for Always On access to multimedia content and services using personal, portable, wireless devices.

These advanced capabilities include: Always On wireless connectivity & High speed multimedia data and voice