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In this era of rapidly changing technologies and automated processes, companies need a partner like us to forge a sustainable link between the past and the future. With our deep knowledge of the legacy devices as well as the various flavors of Operating Systems, our technicians are in the forefront in matters relating to effective upgrades, migrations and fit gap analysis.

Concave Network's comprehensive offerings of Network Based Services have been developed to further enhance the IT resources of any sized enterprise, as these organizations continue to adapt to the challenges of a highly competitive market place. 

Our integration services team provides products and services which enable our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their distributed computing environments.

Services & Benefits

Infrastructure services is concerned with creating and maintaining a robust support structure for distributed computing:
• Network Deployment & Systems upgrades/migrations - Netware; Microsoft NT, 2000
• High Availability Solutions
• Internet Solutions: IIS/Site Server
• ERP Solutions: Disaster Recovery; Server Farms
• Relocation services  

Managed desktop services are targeted at the units of distributed computing, desktop and mobile workstations. These managed desktop services include:
• End-User Support Service
• Client/Server Operations Service
• Business Application Operations Service
• Asset Management Service
• Moves, Adds and Changes

Benefits of centralized management:
• Standard desktop productivity tools are readily available
• Timely "Single Point of Contact" responses can be made to clients
• New software, patches and updates can be automatically delivered to workstations
• User and departmental data is securely managed