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Voice over IP is the convergence of data and voice traffic over a new or existing routed network to provide voice/data communication between branch offices and the corporate network. Concave Professional Services provides several levels of consulting services in order to guarantee that the current network architecture or the proposed new network architecture will support the integration of the two services. 

Concave Networks provides network solutions that conserve costs and sustain competitive advantage, by: 

Concave Networks delivers a business-optimized communications solutions ranging from the simplest voice telephony, to IP-enabled solutions that extend the value of installed systems, to total IP solutions. We offer a wide choice in network deployment and migration strategies on your terms, at your pace, based on your business needs.

Services & Benefits


• Audit of current data network.
• Analysis of current Voice traffic.
• Audit of PBX and other phone systems.
• Gap analysis of Data and Voice network.
• Assessment of the proposed voice network compared to the existing or proposed data network, including a migration strategy. 



• Engineering of Integrated Data/Voice Network Architecture
• Development of a VoIP dialing plan including branch office communication and re-routing of calls over the network to save charges for long distance exchanges.
• Installation and configuration of routers and voice interface cards.
• Dialing Plan including faxing if required.
• PBX  



Significant cost savings in long distance charges for inter-office calls and long distance calls to the area codes in which the offices reside.

Data and voice communications are delivered successfully and at an appropriate quality level.